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Windshield paints and markers are a great way to write or draw something on auto windows or windshields. They can be used for decoration, promotion, or information purposes. Car dealers, auto body and repair shops, and even individual car owners use these paints and markers.

However, the quality of paints and markers you buy makes a significant impact on how they look and how long they last. The ones that you get from reputable car dealership suppliers like https://mbrmarketing.com/promotional-products/paint-and-markers offer both great quality and different options to suit individual needs.

Uses of Windshield Paints and Markers

There are times when you need to write something on your car’s windshield. Here are a few:

  • Car dealers often use these markers or paints to write the car’s information on its windshield itself, including its price, year, special features, any offers on that particular car model, modifications, etc. When potential buyers visit the auto shop and browse through the available cars, they can quickly get an idea of their details and price just by looking at the information written on its windshield.
  • Auto body and repair shops use these paints to write repair related details on the car’s windshield. They can write what needs to be done in the car so that they don’t need to refer to their diaries and registers every time a mechanic is free to handle the repair.
  • Windshield repair and replacement experts can use these paints to write old and new windshield details on the glass. For instance, after replacing a windshield, they can write the time of replacement ao that it’s safe for driving.
  • Car owners often use windshield paints and markers for decorative purposes. They usually use these markers and paints to draw beautiful designs on their rear auto glass. Some apartment complexes allow cars to enter inside only when they have a unique code or flat number written on their windshield.
  • It can create vibrant displays or clear advertising messages on the windshield or windows.

Types of Windshield Paints and Markers

While looking for options in windshield paints and markers, you will find two different types out there:


Water-based paints and markers have water or a combination of glycerin and water as a base for the pigment. They take a bit longer to dry up and can also be removed easily with soap and water. Due to this, they are more suitable for temporary marking and messaging. It helps body shops where you need to temporarily mark the vehicle’s damages and wash them off later.

Car dealers also use these paints to write prices or deals on the windshields so that it can be removed later. However, if you are using the marker for decorative purposes, you won’t want it to wash off within a wash. For that, you must use oil-based markers and paints.

Oil Based

Oil-based windshield paints and markers are more permanent. They are waterproof and fade-resistant, due to which they are difficult to remove even when exposed to water and sun. They can be used to write not only on the windshield but also on the car’s body, hood, and mirrors. You can also use these paints to write on the car’s metal, rubber, plastic, and acrylic parts.

Color Varieties Available

Windshield paints and markers are available in a variety of colors, both matte and fluorescent. You can make attractive designs or write bold messages on the auto glass in different colors.

Waterproof markers with crayon-like soft consistency can also be chosen for softer textures. As far as marker tips are concerned, you have options like brush tips, chisel tips, fine tips, and bullet tips. Some double-ended markers are also there, with which you can write from both sides in different colors.

So, if you are an automobile dealer, an auto body shop owner, or a proud car owner, you can choose from a wide variety of windshield paints and markers. However, know your purpose first and then choose accordingly. For instance, please do not write on your client’s car with a permanent oil-based marker, as it will become challenging to remove it later. But use permanent ones for decorations, unless you want them to wash away soon.

Whatever type of windshield marker you buy, clean the surface thoroughly with a soft rag and glass cleaner before using it. Abrasive particles like dust or dirt may leave scratches on the glass.