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Classic cars are the best. There’s something wonderful about the engineering and design of golden era vehicles. Before the downhill dip of the 1980s cars were meant to last. They were tanks. They were jets. They were everything that we wanted out of a tactile experience. But time does what it does, and these beauties eventually age. Some age better than others. As these classics get older it takes more and more effort to keep them running smoothly. Sometimes we get thrown into a loop trying to figure out exactly how to do this. In the interest of the cars we love, here are some tips to keep a classic car running well with no complications.

The Right Parts

Before you do anything with your car, you have to make sure you have the right parts. There’s a whole aftermarket of parts from all over the world catering to every conceivable model. It may be tempting to go to one of the cheaper suppliers for adequate parts. We think: “at least they’re brand new, right?” Wrong. The people behind Adsit Mercedes Benz parts and accessories say that if you have a classic car, especially an older German car, buying approved and well-known parts makes all the difference. The quality you get from a budget online supplier is cheaply made in overseas factories with very little quality control. That’s not the kind of product you want in your old reliable vehicle.

Change Fluids

When in doubt, change the fluids. Transmission fluid and differential oil are the most overlooked mechanical facilitators in a car. This cannot be overlooked if you’re driving a classic. Like with everything, more maintenance and more care have to be given to an older model. Have the fluids replaced at a 25% higher frequency than what your manual recommends. It may not seem like a big difference, but it keeps away the most common problems that cars have over time. It’s kind of like a person. The older one gets, the more checkups and maintenance are necessary. We may love the idea that we are pretty hearty. But we know deep down some care would do us good.

Wheel Inspection

Wheel bearings are a great, inexpensive way to make sure the moving parts are going just fine. It doesn’t take much to ask a mechanic to give a wheel inspection. You’re looking to get a positive expert opinion. If not, have them add a bit of grease and test it out. Overlooking wheel bearings can give any smooth operator an unwanted and bumpy experience. Make sure they’re good and smooth.

Old cars are just plain fun. Whether we have one out of necessity, or we’re building a hobby out of them, old vehicles have this beautiful tactile excellence to them. You feel the controls. You man the ship. You, and not some Skynet satellite control system. There’s a reason why they remain a popular choice for aficionados and casual buyers alike. All you have to do is get the right parts, have it serviced often, and give that extra 10% to keep it running well.