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All counties of the world experience a wide range of weather conditions, from extreme heat to heavy hailstorms. You may not be able to realize it soon enough, but all these harsh weather conditions can take a toll on your beloved car year-round.

No matter the time of the year, weather poses a major threat to your car. Be it a heavy downpour or a blistering heat, and each weather condition leads to certain damages to your car. Do not let these hazards stress you out! Always come in handy. Here are some simple and effective available ways to protect your beloved car from harsh weather conditions.

1.   Extreme Heat

Extreme heat is not only uncomfortable, but it is also harmful to the surface of your car. Here are available measures to take to ensure the safety of your car from extreme heat.

●      Park Your Car In A Shade

One way to avoid the sun’s harmful effects is to simply park it in a shade if you are certain you will be leaving your car out for hours, but be conscious of what you are parking beneath!

Parking in a space where birds access easily can lead to more damage than the sun can cause, and it occurs in minutes. Furthermore, some trees have a problem, while some certain leaves and pollen can bring stains if left to dry on a wet car that is not protected or cleaned sooner.

●      Maintain The Cooling System Of Your Car

Avoid unseen hazards from occurring by ensuring that your car’s cooling system is functioning in maximum wellness. Also, ensure the belts are in a good position to function perfectly, as well as the coolants. Ensure to check these things regularly.

2. Rain/Hail

Rain may provide a chill environment, but to your car, it can cause major problems. The rain is not necessarily the problem here, but rather all materials reactivated when wet or touched by the rain. Oil, high ph chemicals, acids, solvents, and salt can end up on your car. When the water evaporates from the surface of your car, there is a high chance of these materials being left behind in the form of dried water spots. When the rain hits, here are some ways to best protect your car.

●      Wash Thoroughly, Then Wax

Take the protective measure of washing, waxing, sealing, and finally, coating your car. This is basically a hail damage assessment measure that protects your car by providing a barrier between the paint and the rain’s dirt that will be left behind. This helps to remove the dirt quickly the next time you wash and provide protection to your paint in the meantime. Ensure to use genuine cleaning products available to determine you get the protection you are looking for. To avoid scratches, use a professional car mitt, as it is the softest tool on your car while getting rid of dirt.

●      Seal Any Found Openings

There are few casualties as devastating to the water damage of the interior of your car. Ensure that the rain does not get into your car by sealing every opening found in your car. Thoroughly check the rubber linings on your doors and repair them as soon as they are damaged. For windows or sunroofs, always be certain that they are all well closed. It is too easy to mistakenly leave an open crack.

3.   Tires

●      Check Your Tire Pressure

Your tires must be perfectly working when expecting a blizzard. When it’s cold weather, the pressure of your tires reduces. View this with dangerous and snowy roads, and it can cause havoc to your car and your safety. Avoid being endangered by checking the tire pressure regularly and fill it in if you notice it is dipping too low.

●      Install Snow Tires

For most of us who live in areas with more frequent snowstorms, snow tires are your car remedy. These tires are powerful, increase traction, minimize snow build-up, and move steadily even in extreme snow conditions.

4.   Extreme Cold

The extreme change in temperature affects your car, including severe cold temperatures. Even though there is no snow or ice presence, the cold temperature can weaken your car’s smooth functioning. Don’t wait till the cold weather hits. Take preventive measures to ensure the safety of your car. Prevention is better!

●      Check Your Battery Regularly

If your battery is not in its best-performing state, winter only means harm to it. Batteries work even harder during winter, increasing the chances for the weak ones to worn out quickly. Analyze the battery capacity before the cold days of winter to not experience your battery giving up on you.

Around 80% of the time, forecasts predict the weather accurately. With this, there’s enough time to prepare for the worst times. In terms of your car’s condition, it’s all about being handy, taking preventive measures, and using good Products. While you cannot avoid unfortunate mishaps, you can be active in making your car look great and function well.