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I think that many people would agree that one of the worst sensations one feels is getting into a car that’s scorching hot on the inside as a result of the hours it spent under the Sun. After a hard day at work or even during your lunch break, the last thing you want to do is get all stuffy and sweaty inside your car on your way to get something to eat. The problem is simple: the interior of your car gets way too hot for you to handle. And while you may have a well insulated interior, with seat covers and car floor mats, the damage will find its way into the car.

Luckily, there’s a really practical invention that can solve this problem and it’s been around almost as long as cars have (in different forms, that is) and that’s a car cover or as the French like to say a “bache voiture.” But not just any car cover: all weather car covers. There are a wide variety of covers to choose from and the one you’ll be needing has to protect the interior from the Sun’s scorching UV rays.

This is why you need a Sun proof car cover. These specialize in not just absorbing the heat that comes from the Sun’s UV rays, but also keeping it from entering the car’s interior. Letting too much sun in your car can actually cause a lot of damage to the interior. Not only is reflected sunlight able to easily melt through just about anything plastic you leave under the windshield, but it can also cause extensive damage to the interior itself. Leather seats, while designed to be as durable as possible, lose their quality when exposed to scorching heat for long enough.

A UV shielded sun proof car cover can take care of this problem by keeping the Sun’s rays from entering the car and cooking up everything inside. This is an easy and practical way of protecting your vehicle from such an invisible threat and brings with it several advantages.

First and most obvious of all, is that after work, you won’t need to worry about your seats and steering wheel being super hot. Even on a day that’s not particularly warm, the Sun’s rays can still heat up the car’s interior if they have had enough time to shine right through the windshield. So even if you think the day is too cool for your car to get hot, you’ll be wrong. It’s very easy for the interior to get super toasty.

You’ll never have to worry about entering your car and being unable to touch anything as you wait for the AC to cool everything down enough, so that you can start driving. Regardless of how hot the day might be, you’ll just take down the sun proof car cover, get in the car and start driving, without even having to cool off the interior one bit.

Secondly, with prolonged exposure to UV rays, you are risking your car’s longevity. Anything from your car, watch, home and gadgets has a certain amount of time before it starts to function. Depending on the kind of user that you are, this can change for better or for worse. When you expose your vehicle to the harmful UV rays, you risk damaging certain parts over long periods of time and at some point, you’ll end up lowering your car’s longevity. This means after some time, your car won’t run as well as it does now and certain problems will arise, which will require expensive repair fees and constant visits to the mechanic.

You can very easily bypass this by investing in an all weather car cover or sun proof car cover to protect your car from the outside elements while you’re at work.