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Accidents can happen when you least expect them and alter your life in ways you won’t expect. Be it in cities like Washington, D.C., or on the highways near it, car accidents dent lives forever. Those areas alone witnessed 25,881 car crashes in 2017, leaving 27 dead and 8583 injured.

If an accident occurred, some immediate steps have to be taken to remedy the situation. There’s the legal aspect here besides the medical one, for which an injury lawyer in D.C. can be contacted via sites like 1800injured.care or phone to get compensated.

Contact Ambulance and Police

Your injuries will require immediate medical attention, and you might not be in a state to even stand up. Call an ambulance soon, or request someone close by to do so. Your or other’s injuries must be the priority. Get admitted to the hospital if required. Also, contact the police. The sooner they start investigating the matter, the better. The reports are crucial during court filings and proceedings.

Contact Your Injury Lawyer

Once you’re in a better condition, contact your injury lawyer. They should be the first you speak to and not your insurance company, as the latter will try to get out of paying you at the earliest. Your lawyer will study all the details involved in your accident and will work to get you your rightful compensation.

Refuse Any Direct Contact with the Other Party or Their Representatives

The other party might try to request, negotiate, or even intimidate you into accepting an out of court settlement. Refuse any such offers or threats and sternly mention to them that only your lawyer will speak on your behalf.

Lawyers know all the dirty tricks employed in such circumstances and ways around it. They will help you get the rightful compensation via the legal route. Also, don’t let your or their insurers into the mix until the end. Only have direct contact if advised by your lawyer.

Gather All Evidence and Prepare Reports

Your injury lawyer will conduct their investigation and gain all the evidence needed to help you with your case. You must talk to them and have a look at it all, clarify any doubts, and make any corrections if necessary. Also, include all medical reports and bills into the reports being created so that medical compensation claims can be made.

Become Aware Of Your Legal Standing

Learn about D.C.’s injury laws via your lawyer or other means and see where your case stands regarding them. Make sure to file claims before the 3-year Statute of Limitations passes.

Know what injuries you have that are listed as compensable according to law. Look to get compensated for medical costs, pain, injury, job and salary losses, etc. Work with your lawyer to bring down your comparative negligence in the matter.

Availing the service of an injury lawyer is crucial in accidents. You need not have a lawyer to consult at your disposal. Via 1800injured.care and numerous other websites, you can hire an experienced lawyer for your legal proceedings. Remember, contacting an injury lawyer is essential to recover from your accident medically, financially, and legally.