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In recent years, vehicles’ demand has gone up, making most companies start producing various models. There has also been an influx of vehicle manufacturing companies to counterattack the rising demands. Unlike before, almost every household has a vehicle or two, depending on the family members.

Unfortunately, some of these designs aren’t safe to drive and are named unsafe cars to drive. If you are wondering about this list, here are the top three vehicles too dangerous to drive.

1.  KIA Rio

Kia Rio is one of the smallest vehicles you can find around, and also the cheapest. One can easily purchase the car, thinking they have got value for their money, but it’s among the unsafe cars to drive. Kia Rio got regarded as unsafe to drive in this 21st century and got into the record of the most dangerous vehicles in the US. So what makes it unsafe? According to IATF, many factors make a vehicle unsafe. You can learn more about IATF 16949 to help you understand its uses. Some of these hazardous factors include stability after crush, materials used, safety features, and many more. According to the report from IIHS, KIA Rio had some weak points on models released between 2012 and 2014. The weak points include the leg and head areas, which were prone to damage in a crash.

2.  Audi 5000

Most people love Audi paragons because of their comfortability and safety. However, in the 80s, the perception changed when Audi released the Audi 5000 model, which had some bad reputations despite being a reputable brand. The model falls into this list because it had a faulty engine, which made its first drivers never to see another day. So how did the engine behave? The engine used to accelerate on its own even when the vehicle had stopped, heaving the car forward. Such action made some drivers panic while on the road, making them press the accelerator, landing them into worse scenarios. Despite the company denying and later accepting the mistake, the changes were done when so many people had died.

3.  Delorean DMC-12

Delorean DMC-12 is one of the fantastic designs produced in America. The vehicle was popularly known due to its appearance and got involved in the Back To The Future Films. Despite all this fame, it’s in the record as one of the unsafe cars to drive. What could be the reason? The reason why it got into this list is the design that caused safety issues. The winged-doors had no safety mechanisms to open the doors, leaving the driver in a dangerous position in an accident. The doors used to jam in case of an accident, leaving the driver and other occupants trapped inside. Its windows couldn’t offer any assistance since they were small and couldn’t be used in an emergency. Despite being a popular vehicle, its reputation got destroyed after getting into the most dangerous cars.

Several vehicles are included in the unsafe list, but we concentrated on three on this list to let you know that any car can be here despite its designs and looks. However, any vehicle can be dangerous. You need to check on your driving habits and follow the road regulations to stay safe.