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Roof boxes are a great way to transport items without resorting to separate trailers while traveling. The luggage space in the rear of your car can only hold so many items, and most of the time, it is filled with pet items for kid’s luggage which you might frequently need during the trip. Your additional luggage might not merit renting a trailer, nor do you want to be slowed down while towing one. You can make the best use of the car roof by installing a roof box instead. You can try options like the Thule roof box the next time you go on a road trip. Here are some tips on how to choose the correct roof box.

  1. Kind of Item you want to Transport

Usually, the best items to go in a roof box are the ones that are moderately lightweight but occupy too much space. Items like skateboards, surfing boards, bikes, kayaks, or tents are good candidates. It is best not to stow any items that can break easily, like something made of glass or thin plastic. It would be best if you put those things in the roof box which you will not frequently need during your journey and you will need them only when you reach the destination. The size and capacity of the roof box will depend on the items you transport.

1. The Capacity of the Car Roof

When you install a car roof box, you should also ascertain the strength and the weight-bearing capacity of the roof itself. If your car already has some added weight in the form of a sunroof, crossbars, or side rails, you need to choose a considerably lighter roof box. Anything heavier might cause a dent in the roof, so you should carefully check the roof’s weight-bearing capacity from the car manual.

2. Estimate the Weight of the Items you would Usually Carry

When you install a car roof box, you might not have an accurate list of all the items you might put into it later. However, depending on your needs and lifestyle, try to calculate an approximate weight of the heaviest items you are most likely to carry, combined with a few lighter items. This should give you a reasonably accurate estimate of the size and capacity of the roof box.

3. Preparing the Car Roof

Before buying the roof box, look at how you would be able to install the roof box. Would you have to get rid of the side rails to make room for the roof box you have chosen? Will the roof box extend over the sides and cast a shadow on the windscreen? Does your car have crossbars? Do you want to keep them as well as install the roof box? How you will install the roof box will also play a significant role in which you will buy.

4. Budget

The budget is always a major factor no matter what you buy. However, consider it while buying a roof box. You do not want a very inexpensive one made of flimsy plastic and can quickly come apart if the car experiences a jerk when it hits a bump on the road. If you take frequent trips, it makes sense to invest in a sturdy and high-quality roof box that comes with a secure locking system and strong fittings.

Always source your car roof box from trusted sources and reputed brands like Thule roof box. Go through online reviews and look at user satisfaction. You do not want an incident in the middle of the trip with your luggage coming apart, so give some thought before investing in the car roof box. Rest assured, you can have a safe and comfortable road trip with your loved ones.