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You know that rush you get driving in your car, windows down, singalong blaring, no one is listening or watching, and you are belting out the lyrics (that you know) at the top of your lungs. Unrestricted, unguarded freedom. Did you know that this is a form of therapy? Commonly known as music therapy, where music is used as a form of therapeutic processing and release of emotional and/or psychological stress.

According to Ford, the makers of the original automobile, most people listen to music when in their car. Therefore, this intimate, private experience of unwinding to your favorite melodies, be it classical or hip hop, is a form of relaxation that a large percentage of drivers engage in. But what about your car music system? Is it sufficient to support your listening experience? If you are searching for ways to improve your musical engagement, then this is for you.

It’s All About Your Speakers

A good old singalong is best enjoyed with an epic surround-sound experience. It is made a lot less enjoyable, as well as cathartic, with a tinny, fuzzy, screechy sound system that rattles more than it expels sound. Modern-day cars come with built-in speakers, which will differ depending on the make and model. However, for a far superior sound quality option, you can have specialized speakers installed into your car. Therefore, it does not matter whether you are driving a retro vintage beauty that was made far before surround-sound audio was invented, or an old and rather battered economy option. You can take your pick of the sound system that suits your needs and have it installed by the professionals who do this every day.

Do You Know The Lingo?

Have you heard of the subwoofer speaker? This technology plays a low-pitch sound frequency known as the bass. As opposed to a woofer, which plays your higher pitched frequencies. We like the subwoofer for that reverberating feeling as you listen to your favorite track. As the famous song lyrics go, “I’m all about that bass”. Some of the best 12-inch subwoofer options provide you with quality bass when they are installed in your car. Thanks to this benefit, you get to have a fuller sound and a better overall music experience. This can only be achieved if you do your research and learn more about what you need.

Have Your Playlist At The Ready

We are in the age of instant gratification. We want to get into our vehicles, hit play, and drive. Perhaps you are “old-school” and keep a stack of CDs in your car, ready to be played. If this works for you, you can very easily even burn your CDs and include the latest songs of your choosing.

Nowadays, with the available technology, most people store their music on their phones. However, in terms of car-listening, it can require a bit of pre-planning. This is especially needed in countries where cellular data charges are high and you use your mobile phone as your music library. Spend some time once a week downloading a playlist or a list of podcasts for driving, it only takes a few minutes to prepare yourself for a journey of tunes or audio entertainment. It helps to do this when you are in a WiFi zone so that you don’t have to worry about hefty data costs for streaming while you drive. The same goes for the safety aspect of not wanting to fiddle with your sound system while driving. Ideally, you want to hit play and then hit the road.

Connect Your Listening Device

Most modern and middle-to-higher-end cars come with an embedded Bluetooth system, or it is very simple to install. This allows your mobile phone to connect to your car audio system the moment you get into it. No fiddling with cables and clumsy CDs, just click play using the controls on your steering wheel or stereo system and you can unwind to your selection of hits. This is the same for when you have an incoming call, allowing you to use a hands-free mode and chat safely. The only downside of this type of system is that it does not allow for much privacy on phone calls, especially if you have a passenger with you.

If your car does not offer a Bluetooth system, perhaps there is an audio cable fitting. This is another easily-accessible means of listening to your music. Simply get in, plugin, and drive. Audio cables are affordable and easy to operate from your phone earphone port.

There are several ways to play music during your drive, and several ways to enhance this experience. Music can be the ingredient that makes your journey enjoyable, so spend some time and invest a little in preparing yourself and your car for the optimum listening experience.