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How to Get the Right Settlement After a Car Accident

If you have ever had a car accident or been involved in a collision, you know well the stress it can cause. This is especially true if you were hurt in the accident. For some, this can cause substantial disruption to lives and even have long term effects.

According to the Association For Safe International Road Travel between 20-50 million people sustain injuries resulting in long term disabilities. That’s 4.4 million in the US alone. Most car accidents are caused by human error. So is it possible to get what we are entitled to after suffering an injury? What are some barriers to getting a payout?

It may be that there is some confusion about what happened to cause the incident. This is often the case when a negligent driver tries to cover up his or her part in the accident and when there are few eyewitnesses. The injured party is often in a state of shock after a serious accident, or unable to communicate due to their injuries. And let’s face it not all insurance companies are known for their ethical values. So how can you ensure that you get the right settlement after your accident?

What you DO know

Firstly, make a point of writing down exactly what you remember about the accident. Even if the details are a little hazy, being able to piece together your memory, combined with other evidence, will greatly help your case. If there were any eyewitnesses, be sure to ask them to make a full written statement. Try to remember exactly your movements directly before the incident:

  • Were you at a traffic light?
  • Were you indicating?
  • Were you at a junction?
  • What speed were you going?
  • What was the speed limit?
  • Were there many people about?
  • Were you distracted in any way?
  • Did you acknowledge the other driver/drivers before the incident?

Everything you remember is vital in piecing together an overview of what happened.


You must keep a diary of all the accident-related injuries. Doctor’s reports, hospital appointments, and prescriptions are all important evidence to collect for compensation purposes. Keep receipts of anything related to your accident,  so you can claim all expenses back.


It’s vital to keep a note of any emotional effects from the event. PTSD is a common disorder when someone goes through significant trauma. The experts over at alpho.org found after a study of car accident victims that as many as 60% sought mental health help after a car accident. Combined with physical injuries, the significant impact of a serious accident can result in numerous days off work, triggering a change in financial stability.

If you find that your insurance company is making it difficult to make a suitable claim it may be shrewd to enlist the help of an independent attorney. Attorneys are trained to represent those who have suffered greatly due to an accident, Houston car accident attorneys point out the benefits of hiring a lawyer are that they will conduct their very own investigation of the crash and collect all the necessary evidence. They also have the power to take a case to trial and fight on behalf of you. Be sure to keep all communication between yourself, and your insurance company, in case it is needed at a later date.

Get what you are entitled to

Everyone that suffers due to a collision is entitled to claim compensation. Do not delay, or let anyone talk you out of it.  Be prepared for the process to take some time. You should be entitled to compensation for all lost earnings due to your injury.

Using a lawyer gives you the peace of mind that everything will be covered. Legal matters are complicated, but lawyers are professionals and trained in all aspects of the law. They are professional negotiators and it is more likely you will get the settlement and justice you deserve by using one. They are also an objective advocate of your case. It is easy to let emotion override rational thinking if you have experienced trauma, by allowing an injury lawyer to fight for you, you are giving yourself time and space to recover.

Experiencing a road traffic accident is always difficult, especially when it results in a loss of a loved one, or a long term disability. If you take steps to ensure you get what you are entitled to with the right settlement, it’s possible to start to rebuild what you lost without the financial burden of making ends meet. Be strong and don’t give up. It’s all any of us can do.