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After investing as much you did on a golf cart, there’s no way you can have the heart to leave it unattended. Some golf carts even cost as much as a car, making them a  precious possession for many veteran golfers. Since hiring professionals to maintain your golf cart isn’t the most practical option, you’ll need to know the basics of maintaining, repairing, and cleaning your golf cart yourself. Don’t worry though, we have your back. Here’s how you can keep your golf cart in great condition and enjoy it for years to come.

Maintain Your Golf Car Tires

As is the case with car tires, you’ll need to apply various tire cleaners on the golf cart tires. These cleaners help protect your tires against weathering conditions, like extreme heat or cold, which can dry out the tires and leave them more prone to getting cracked. Once the tires become dry or cracked, the risk of rupture and deflation increases, which can result in serious situations. However, not every tire cleaner can be used on cart tires. Try to stay away from slippery protectants that contain oils, silicones, and solvents, as they can harm the tires’ surface.

Maintain the Golf Cart Battery

Whether you’re operating gas or electric-powered cart, you’ll still need to check on your batteries often. If you leave the batteries unmaintained, they can become dirty or corroded over time. Eventually, this affects the power that can be transmitted by the terminals, which drastically reduces the battery’s life. Make sure to keep your battery clean of any debris or grease. In the case of an electric-powered cart, be sure to check on the water level and fill it with distilled water to keep the lead plates completely submerged.

Run Annual Professional Service

In one of the nation’s top golf states like Indiana, golfers tend to take their hobby pretty seriously. Although most of these golfers take pride in doing regular DIY maintenance to their golf carts themselves, that doesn’t mean the cart shouldn’t get serviced professionally. As the repair and maintenance experts at https://carts-and-parts.com/golf-cart-parts/ point out, golfers living in Union City, IN, can get annual checkups to ensure there’s no internal damage and that the golf cart is operating in premium quality. A professional service will check out the battery, suspension, and steering, as well as replace any parts that need to be replaced.

Protect Your Seats with Cushions

Seats are some of the most abused parts in a golf cart, especially when the cart is used regularly. With extended use, you’ll eventually notice tears and cracks appearing on the seats. However, you shouldn’t wait for these signs to take action; you can protect your seats by using a marine-grade vinyl-designed protective moisturizer. Meanwhile, you can protect the seats even more by getting custom seat cushions, which can even help you add more comfort to the ride.

Protect Your Gold Car Against Weathering Conditions

Similar to how a cushion can protect your seats, an enclosure will help protect your cart against weathering conditions. With a durable enclosure, you’ll be able to use your golf cart regardless of the freezing or sweltering weather conditions. In addition to your own comfort, an enclosure can protect the interior of your cart, like the dashboard, floor mat, and seat cushions, as well. To wash the enclosure from dirt and dust, you can use a gentle soap and water.

Clean Your Golf Cart Regularly

Finally, you should make it a habit to clean your cart regularly. As is the case with any vehicle, the surface and interior of the cart should be cleaned and maintained regularly and properly, using suitable materials. To maintain the new appearance of your cart, regardless of years of usage, you’ll need to protect the surface from harsh climates and harmful UV rays, as well as clean debris and dirt to prevent them from accumulating.

To do that, you can clean your cart with car wash soap and water, but make sure to use a soft-tipped brush to avoid scratching the paint off your vehicle. It’s also common for the underbody to accumulate corrosion and dirt, so don’t forget to wash and rinse it thoroughly while you’re at it.

Keeping the golf cart in great condition takes a lot of effort and time on part of the golfer, but’s a necessary sacrifice to enjoy the precious investment. Whether it’s the tires of the interior of the cart, parts can get damaged over the years. However,  with a little patience and consistency, you’ll be able to enjoy a golf-cart that looks good as new, all while delivering optimum performance.