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Tyres are a crucial part of your car. They connect the vehicle with the road surface, and they affect acceleration, braking, and your ability to handle the car. Thus, they influence your safety, the load you can carry, and your overall driving experience.

Therefore, tyres affect the overall performance of the vehicle, and that is why you should ensure you have the right set of tyres. New cars come with the best tyres from the manufacturer. However, you should ensure you get the right match when getting replacements.

How do you decide which tyres are perfect for your car?

Know Tyre Specifications

The first step towards getting the right set of tyres is to know the specifications. Different vehicles have varying tyres specifications. Therefore, knowing those of your car will enable you to get the perfect match.

The specifications indicate the tyre size, load rating, and speed rating of the tyres that should be fitted in the car. But how can you find the tyre specifications?

First, you can find the details on the original tyres that came with the car. They are always indicated on the sidewall of the tyres. Second, you can check the tyre placard, which you will find in the placard fixed on the driver’s door. Finally, you can use the vehicle’s manual since it contains the specifications of the perfect tyres for that particular car.

The specifications will tell you about the tyre needs of your car. You can then use the information to search for a store selling the exact type of tyres.

Choose from Leading Brands 

After knowing the specifications, the next step is to buy and have them fitted. What you should know is that some dealers sell genuine tyres and other counterfeit products. That is why you should only buy leading brands from reliable stores.

The best tyre manufacturers focus on quality because they understand that tyres influence your safety and overall driving experience. Therefore, they ensure that the specifications of the tyres are accurate. They also test the tyres rigorously to ensure they meet the required standards, and that is why they own leading brands.

In contrast, less popular brands are known for producing inferior products. The tyres do not meet the set standards and are not durable, putting you and your vehicle in danger. That is why you should never buy tyres of unknown origin.

Before you buy a tyre, you can do some quick research to determine it’s of the highest quality, even if it is from a leading brand. You can visit sites such as https://www.whichcar.com.au/, and look at the tyres test section. You will find content about tyres that have been tested and proven to be among the best.


The right set of tyres makes your car safe and enhance your driving experience. You can make sure you get the perfect tyres by knowing the specifications and buying from a leading brand. Before purchasing a given type of tyre, you can visit https://www.whichcar.com.au/ to check if it has been tested and listed among the best.