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Taking care of your power tools is very vital if you are to last long with them. Power tools like the table saw, a router, paint sprayer, air compressor, among others, require frequent checking. Basic tool care activities like changing air compressor oil can determine how long the tool will serve you. All of us would like to use our tools for an extended period. The following habits will help you greatly in taking care of your tools.

  1. Make use of silica gel packs or anti-rust liners

Rust is among the greatest enemies of tools. The presence of moisture where you have stored your tools will facilitate rusting. Rusting wears your tools out and reduces their usability. To protect your tools from rusting, put some silica gels on where you usually keep your tools. Silica gels are readily available and affordable. They help to reduce the moisture hence protecting your tools. Another alternative to silica gels is the anti-rust liners.

  1. Ensure you clean your tools after use 

Cleaning your tools after work is not always an easy task. However, this exercise is very crucial in keeping your tools in great form. Dust, grime, and other impurities are harmful if allowed to remain in your tool. You can also acquire a cleaning routine. A cleaning routine will help to ensure that your tools are durable for an extended period. An air compressor will also help you to get rid of dust. Blow into the crevices where dust usually hides and get it out.

  1. Check for loose bolts and screws

After constant use, screws and bolts tend to loosen. Using your tool in this state can adversely affect it. It can make your device less efficient. To avoid this, often check whether there are loose nuts or bolts and tighten them.

  1. Sharpen bits and blades

For those tools that use bits and blades, sharpen them often. As a result of being subjected to so much pressure, bits and blades tend to wear. If not sharpened, they end up exerting too much load on the motor. Also, if they are blunt, the tool becomes very inefficient. In addition to sharpening them, ensure you use the correct bits as per the material you are working on.

  1. Appropriate Storage

Always ensure that your power tools are stored away from any moisture. They have some electrical components which are likely to get damaged by moisture. Also, the body of the tool deteriorates when exposed to moisture. Therefore, the most appropriate storage for your power tools is in a dry and clean place. As such, the efficiency of your tool is guaranteed.

  1. After use, always ensure you return the power tools in their original cases

When you buy power tools, don’t be too quick to discard the cases they came in. In most cases, you will find that the power tools are packed in a hard case. Usually, the case will tend to occupy a bigger storage space. However, it is the best storage for power tools. The case is in a way that will protect the devices from extreme environmental conditions. Moreover, it will protect them from moisture and dust.

  1. Regular cleaning of the motor contact

Motor contact is an integral part of power tools. Some motors have brushes while others don’t. Motors that have brushes require special care to keep it clean. It is recommendable that the motor contact should be cleaned after every use. Also, blowing air through its vents for a while is very helpful. It ensures that every intact dust is loosened and removed. Blowing air into the motor also helps to cool it down. As a result, the life of the brushes increases.

In conclusion, taking good care of your tools increases their efficiency and increases their durability. Do not ignore even small tasks like changing air compressor’s oil.