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Amazing Futuristic Concept Cars of the 1970s


Lancia Stratos Zero (1970)

lancia_stratos_zero_concept_20 lancia_stratos_zero_concept_21 lancia_stratos_zero_concept_22 lancia_stratos_zero_concept_23

The Lancia Stratos 0 (or Zero) preceded the Lancia Stratos HF prototype by 12 months and was first shown to the public at the Turin Motor Show in 1970. The futuristic bodywork was designed by Marcello Gandini, head designer at Bertone, and featured a 1.6 L Lancia Fulvia V4 engine.


Nissan 126x Concept (1970)

The 126X had a wedge shaped design with a forward-tilting cockpit canopy. The slots along the hoods center housed red, yellow, and green lights which lit up in accordance to what the vehicle was doing (accelerating, braking, or constant speed). The vehicle featured a rear-mounted 3-litre 6 cylinder power plant and 4-wheel drive.


Ferrari 512 S Modulo Concept (1970)

ferrari_512_s_modulo_concept_12 ferrari_512_s_modulo_concept_14 ferrari_512_s_modulo_concept_8 ferrari_512_s_modulo_concept_11

Ferrari Modulo is an extreme special berlinetta, single-volume, experimental one-off prototype, built on the Ferrari 512S chassis, of a futuristic car breaking the fetters of the traditional stylistic language, representing the atmosphere of the early Seventies.


Vauxhall SRV Concept (1970)


Nissan 216x Concept (1971)

The 216X utilized a transverse-mounted 2-litre 4-cylinder power plant. While in motion, the bumpers were designed to extend automatically by just under 6 inches. The roof-bulge housed the optics for a rear-view periscope. The 216X is knows as Nissans experimental safety car.


BMW Turbo (1972)

bmw_turbo_concept_25 bmw_turbo_concept_23


Ferrari Studio Cr25 Concept (1974)

Concept Cars ferrari_studio_cr25_concept_10


Ford Coins Concept (1974)


Chevrolet Aerovette Concept (1976)

chevrolet_aerovette_concept_11 chevrolet_aerovette_concept_2


Mercedes-Benz C111-II D Concept (1976)

mercedes-benz_c111-ii_d_concept_3 mercedes-benz_c111-ii_d_concept_4 mercedes-benz_c111-ii_d_concept_5 mercedes-benz_c111-ii_d_concept_6


Panther 6 Six (1977)

Panther_Six_1977_26 Panther_Six_1977_18


Mercedes-Benz C111-III Diesel Concept (1977)

mercedes-benz_c111-iii_diesel_concept_7 *temp*


Ford Probe I (1979)

ford_probe_i_4 ford_probe_i_5



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