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Toyota EX-III (1969)

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While most Japanese firms turned to European design houses for their innovative designs, Toyota struck its own course. The 1969 EX III was a case in point. Here was a sleek coupe, which advanced the dream-car ideal as much as the Europeans. Its sleek shape carried over to its ultra-smooth under tray (underbody), making it very aerodynamic.Like the EX-1, the EX-III was also designed for long distance, high speed driving but it was a bigger car.
Shown at the 1969 Tokyo Motor Show, the EX-III was the big brother of the EX-I. The larger body was even more aerodynamic, being built very low with a pointed front (no bumper), a long bonnet, sharply sloped sides and a tapered rear. Large exhaust outlets hinted at a gas turbine engine but no details were given.; Stepho’s Toyota Site

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