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Matra P29 (1986)

Category : Concept Cars 1930-2004, Matra · by Apr 8th, 2015

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The P29 was a sports concept with a large glass area, a narrow nose, and a supercharged 4-cvlinder rear-mounted engine giving the car a 0-60 mph time of five seconds. The F29 was built to study accelerating ability, road stability, and braking power. Acceleration was improved by the use of lightweight materials for exterior construction. Dual spoilers adjusted road stability. The rear spoiler adjusted according to the grip of the rear versus front axle. The ABS ventilated disc brakes and all-wheel-drive system aided braking power. The F29 also incorporated unique styling themes, including an exposed front suspension, partially-covered tires, and a partially-glass roof. A radar on the front of the car monitored bad weather. The interior was also equipped with a navigational system, rear-view monitor, and a screen displaying adjusted tire pressure.

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