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Lincoln Vignale Show Car (1987)

Category : Concept Cars 1930-2004, Ghia, Lincoln · by Dec 24th, 2014

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In January 1987 Lincoln blasted its way back into the show car game with a tour de force sports roadster designed in America and built by the Italian coachbuilder, Vignale.

Initially displayed at the Detroit Auto Show, the Lincoln by Vignale, as it is officially known, was prepared in response to the anticipated introduction of the Pininifarina-designed Cadillac Allante. The Lincoln by Vignale was created to demonstrate Lincoln‘s ideas about a possible world-class luxury touring coupe for the 1990s and is reportedly being considered for eventual production. Projected power will be by means of a traditional Lincoln V-8 engine with all-wheel drive and four-wheel independent suspension. The Lincoln by Vignale is in its own way a pure show car: It is tremendously exciting and a very tangible look at possible future real world transportation.

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