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Lancia Medusa Concept (1980)

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Lancia Montecarlo based saloon with extremely low drag coefficient (0.263)

The energy crisis at the end of the 70’s brings to a general second thought about cars, also paying attention to low fuel consumptions.

After the energy crisis at the end of the 70’s and Sundays on foot, the concept car thought changes.

Sport cars exotic lines and squared ones of production cars will soon live the place to more aerodynamic shapes that reduce air resistance and consumptions.

Medusa is the first concrete example of not utopian but aerodynamic car. It is created on Lancia Beta platform because the back and central engine mechanics allows to create a very outlined head-on.

Smooth lines and some technical solutions like handles and windows close to the bodywork, permit to obtain a 0,255 Cx with cast model, increased to 0,263 with the plate prototype: Medusa is the most aerodynamic car in the world.

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