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Isuzu Bellett MX1600 (Ghia) (1969)

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Isuzu_Bellett_MX1600_GT_(I)_(Ghia) Isuzu_Bellett_MX1600_GT_(I)_(Ghia)2 Isuzu_Bellett_MX1600_GT_(I)_(Ghia)3 Isuzu_Bellett_MX1600_GT_(I)_(Ghia)4 Isuzu_Bellett_MX1600_GT_(I)_(Ghia)5 Isuzu_Bellett_MX1600_GT_(I)_(Ghia)6 Isuzu_Bellett_MX1600_GT_(I)_(Ghia)7 Isuzu_Bellett_MX1600_GT_(I)_(Ghia)8 Isuzu_Bellett_MX1600_GT_(I)_(Ghia)9

The car had a mid mounted 1.6 litre engine from the GT-R version of the Bellett powering the rear wheels. Inside the car was a two seat sports affair, and being Japanese is was right hand drive. In 1970 Isuzu presented a second MX1600 concept car, the imaginatively named MX1600-II. It was only subtlety different from the 1969 model, mainly in the front end styling.

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