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GAZ TR Arrow (1954)

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GAZ TR was created in 1954. The car had a tear-shaped aerodynamic body, to be exact the bezramny single fuselage sheathed by thermoprocessed aluminum sheets. It had small vertical Kiel course stability, and also the lateral aerodynamic planes – “fins” as they were called by A.A.Smolin, the leading designer of this device. These “fins” served for fastening of the aerodynamic planes ailerons with which during movement at big speeds it was possible to change aerodynamic characteristics of the device. On case boards GAZ TR air inlets of a turbojet of RD-500 which had draft of 1590 kg settled down. In the early fifties the engine was used for equipment of arising jet aircraft. The running gear TR GAS had the 4-wheel chassis with an independent suspension bracket of all wheels from GAZ of 12 WINTERS with forward operated wheels. Thus the car had no driving wheels due to the lack of direct mechanical link of the engine with car transmission. As the test pilot GAZ TR was invited known racing driver M.A.Metelev those years, by then the double champion of the USSR on motor racing. Settlement speed of the device had to make about 500 km/h, but due to the lack of specially prepared route and high-speed tires the maximum speed according to the program of test arrival should not have exceeded 300 km/h. Device tests for the various reasons were stopped. Later attempts of their renewal, however a subject were made was closed finally.

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