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DAF Kini (1966)

Category : Concept Cars 1930-2004, DAF, Giovanni Michelotti, Studio · by Aug 1st, 2015

1966_Michelotti_Daf_32_Beach_Car_01 1966_Michelotti_Daf_32_Beach_Car_2 1966_Michelotti_Daf_32_Beach_Car_3 1966_Michelotti_Daf_32_Beach_Car_4 1966_Michelotti_Daf_32_Beach_Car_5 1966_Michelotti_Daf_32_Beach_Car_6 1966_Michelotti_Daf_32_Beach_Car_7 1966_Michelotti_Daf_32_Beach_Car_8 1966_Michelotti_Daf_32_Beach_Car_10 1966_Michelotti_Daf_32_Beach_Car_11

The royal beach car that Michelotti designed on the basis of a DAF 44 to serve as a beach run-about at Porte Ercole, the Italian summer residence of the Dutch Royal Family.

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