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BMW Z21 “Just 4/2″ (1995)

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The Z21 was displayed at the 1995 Tokyo Motor Show. Just as the name says, (just four two) it is a motorcycle on four wheels: a two-seater with open wheels, without a roof or windscreen. It is driven by a rear-mounted four-cylinder 100-BHP BMW K1100 engine which catapults the 1212 pound runabout to a speed of 62 mph in about six seconds. The instruments tell the driver the most important things but not more. This has nothing to do with thriftiness as no safety equipment is missing from the Just 4/2. It also has side-impact protection and driver and passenger airbags are included.

And then there are a multitude of new ideas such as a trunk which can be carried like a suitcase and is, therefore, a trunk and suitcase in one. There are also accessories for the driver and passenger which are as chic as they are practical with everything from a weatherproof outfit to a helmet – everything matching the Just 4/2.


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