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BMW Z07 (1998)

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Originally designed as a styling example that was intended to be reminiscent of the 1956-59 BMW 507, a car that was made popular by singer Elvis Presley in the late 1950s, the BMW Z07 Concept caused quite a sparkling sensation at the 1997 Tokyo Auto Show. The Z07 Concept was so incredibly popular that BMW decided to produce a limited production model called the Z8. A total of 5,703 BMW Z8’s were produced, about half of them were exported to the U.S. A revived version of the former 507 automobile, the design of Z07 resembles the former concept car although Z07 is a larger version.

The BWM Z07 could achieve 0-60mph in just 4.2 seconds and had a top speed of 155 mph. It had an overall length of 173.2 inches, a width of 72 inches, a height of 51. inches and a wheelbase of 98.6 inches.

Source: BMW

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