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Siata Berlina Prototype (1953)

Category : Bertone, Siata · by Jan 22nd, 2017

Siata_Berlina_Prototype_1 Siata_Berlina_Prototype_2 Siata_Berlina_Prototype_3 Siata_Berlina_Prototype_4 Siata_Berlina_Prototype_5 Siata_Berlina_Prototype_6 Siata_Berlina_Prototype_7 Siata_Berlina_Prototype_8

This one-off, four-seat, Siata Berlina uses the Fiat derived 2.0 liter V8 engine which can also be found in the more common Fiat 8Vs, and Siata 208s. Like other one-off Italian designs, this car boasts many unique details in the head and taillight structures, and throughout the dash and doors.

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