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Stutz Black Hawk Special (1928)

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1928-Stutz-Black-Hawk-Special-01 Frank-Lockhart-Stutz-Black-Hawk-Special-1928-01 Frank-Lockhart-Stutz-Black-Hawk-Special-1928-02 Frank-Lockhart-Stutz-Black-Hawk-Special-1928-03 Frank-Lockhart-Stutz-Black-Hawk-Special-1928-04 Frank-Lockhart-Stutz-Black-Hawk-Special-1928-05 Frank-Lockhart-Stutz-Black-Hawk-Special-1928-06 American racing motorist Frank Lockhart, before his attempt on the world land speed record, in his Stutz Black Bear on Daytona Beach, Florida, on April 25, 1928. Lockhart was killed in his attempt. (AP Photo) Frank-Lockhart-Stutz-Black-Hawk-Special-1928-08 Frank-Lockhart-Stutz-Black-Hawk-Special-1928-09 Frank-Lockhart-Stutz-Black-Hawk-Special-1928-01

In April 1928, Frank Lockhart was warming up for a record run at Daytona Beach, and hit 198 MPH. On his first run at the LSR, a sea shell cut his right rear tire at over 220 MPH and it exploded, the car flipped end over end and Lockhart was thrown out and he died from his injuries. The engine from this car was used at Indy and set a new pole speed record, 12 years later.

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