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Art & Tech Sogna (1991)

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Art & Tech studio was founded Ryoji Yamazaki in 1989, Tokyo. The first works, however, were done not in Japan, but in the Italian branch in Turin.
At 1991 Geneva Motor Show the company demonstrated the prototype of the car that was intended to enter a very limited production at a price of 1.6 million dollars! Extremely aggressively styled automobile was named Sogna and was based on Lamborghini Countach. A bodywork of the automobile was made of aluminum. Sogna was equipped with a 5.2l V12 engine developing 448 hp. Claimed top speed was around 300 km/h while a production version was planned for 325 km/h! Power was transferred through a manual 5-speed gearbox to the rear axle.
A fully operation prototype of the Sogna was presented in December of the same year at Essen Motor Show (possibly only two working examples of Sogna were manufactured at all). The company also presented a futuristic coupe concept – Vera in 1991 at then disappeared.

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