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Sorrell-Manning Special Roadster (SR-100s) (1954)

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Bob Sorrell was a talented automotive designer/builder of the 1950s. He built road racing cars, drag racers, land speed racers, hot rods, customs, show cars and teether cars.

Sorrell was considered a genius by many. He is best remembered for his outrageous fiberglass creations, the earliest being the SR-100 roadster. This design was a Sorrell original owing nothing to the traditional body shapes of the early 1950s. Sorrell’s use of an envelope-design and unified fender-to-body expression were just two themes he explored.

Following several Car Craft cover stories, Sorrell began to receive orders. He produced seven SR-100s, but only six left his shop. The seventh car, the Sorrell-Manning Special, remained in Sorrell’s personal collection until his passing in 2003.

The Sorrell-Manning was found in a storage container after his death. It passed through several dealers until purchased by the current owners who had it restored in 2010.

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