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Matra M72 (2000)

Category : Concept Cars 1930-2004, Matra · by Apr 10th, 2015

Matra_M72_50_Concept_01 Matra_M72_50_Concept_02 Matra_M72_50_Concept_03 Matra_M72_Concept_01 Matra_M72_Concept_02 Matra_M72_Concept_03 Matra_M72_Concept_04 Matra_M72_Concept_05 Matra_M72_Concept_06 Matra_M72_Concept_07 Matra_M72_Concept_08 Matra_M72_Concept_09 Matra_M72_Concept_10 Matra_M72_Concept_11 Matra_M72_Concept_12 Matra_M72_Concept_13

Open to anyone over 16, the quadricycle version is limited to 20 horsepower and the model offers a different approach to fun and mobility. It is aware of the environment and aware that a whole new customer market is ready to use it for new kinds of outing. This new car concept has the same actively entertaining style as its designers. A roofless two-seater, this M72 is panoramic driving pleasure. Between a car and a motorbike, it is essentially simple with the direct joy of feeling nature – the wind, the sun, the fragrances… It offers great driving sensations without ever infringing on safety or ecology.

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