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Lancia Stratos Sibilo (1978)

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As far as the “one-offs” destined for the Motor Shows went, the 1970’s closed with the Sibilo. This coupé, which was designed in the Style Centre at Caprie, is a futuristic prototype for a supercar, constructed on the chassis of the Lancia Stratos. The Sibilo builds on the concept of the Stratos, taking it to stylistic extremes. It is 10 cm longer than the Stratos, but the layout of the mechanical components remains the same. The car presents original exterior graphics which visually blend the glazing seamlessly with the rest of the bodywork. In Bertone’s view window surfaces were an important feature and a rule for creating the aesthetics of a car. The total window surface area, the shape of the windows, and their blending with the bodywork, determine the car’s personality but also considerably condition the designer’s creative freedom of expression. Bertone had come up with many daring solutions regarding windows (the Marzal, Carabo, Stratos, and Navajo), and with the Sibilo he attempted to blend them in completely with the bodywork. In this way the car was given a more uniform look, forming a single sculpture as it were. The rear semi-monococque was entirely removable. The vehicle”s steering and instrumentation was given a completely new, original touch: information is displayed digitally on a device located close to where the windscreen meets the bodywork, thus meaning less movement for the eye. The steering wheel grip was designed starting out from a plaster cast of a hand, and when you hold the Sibilo steering wheel the sensation is that of a uniform and relaxed contact with palm.

Presented at the 1978 Turin Motor Show, the Lancia Sibilo is still an important example of a car which looks to the future.

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