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Lancia Dialogos Concept (1998)

Category : Concept Cars 1930-2004, Lancia · by Jan 24th, 2015

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The Lancia Dialogos which was revealed at the 1998 Turin Motor Show was a luxury sedan with soft flowing lines and graceful proportions.

Entry to the Dialogos concept was gained through the use of a special card unique to each driver. This card would unlock the doors and then automatically setup the interior to suit the drivers preferences and seating position.

The interior design of the Lancia Dialogos echoed that of the exterior. There were no sharp lines and the seats would not have looked out of place in a luxury living room. Soft leather and Alcantara suede were used throughout and the front seats swiveled to facilitate entry and exit.

Another unusual feature of the Lancia Dialogos concept was the ‘U’ shaped steering wheel which could be moved to either side of the car as could the pedals.

Although the Lancia Dialogos never made it to production itself it did spawn the Lancia Thesis, a tamer more production friendly version of the Dialogos.

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