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Ford Maverick Estate (1970)

Category : Concept Cars 1930-2004, Ford · by Feb 10th, 2015

Ford_Maverick_Estate_Coupe_1 Ford_Maverick_Estate_Coupe_2 Ford_Maverick_Estate_Coupe_3 Ford_Maverick_Estate_Coupe_4 Ford_Maverick_Estate_Coupe_5 Ford_Maverick_Estate_Coupe_6 Ford_Maverick_Estate_Coupe_7 Ford_Maverick_Estate_Coupe_8 Ford_Maverick_Estate_Coupe_9 Ford_Maverick_Estate_Coupe_10

Ford exhibited the Maverick Estate Coupe concept vehicle at the 1971 Chicago Auto Show. The Estate Coupe had a dark green padded “Landaulet” roof over the rear seating, and the body finished in limefire green. That unique color used a subtle gold-flake base, and complimented the avocado interior. Cast magnesium wheels had spoke design reminiscent of the classic wire wheels.

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