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Citroen Eole (1986)

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Revealed at the Geneva motor show in 1986, the Eole was designed entirely by computer, bypassing the normal stages of such a car’s creation. Geoffrey Matthews who came to Citroën from PSA-owned Chrysler UK did the original drawings from which the computer worked. Eole was based on a CX platform and achieved a CD factor of 0,17 – approximately half that of the CX thanks to fully enclosed wheels. The car was fitted with no roll, active suspension that automatically lowered the ride height at speed. Following these trials, the decision was taken to equip the CX successor with an active system.

Characterized by covered wheels and large headlights, the Eole was designed as an aerodynamic estate car capable of seating four people in comfort. Hydraulics linked to the steering system allowed the wheel covers to open outward when the front wheels were turning. At high speeds when steering was minimal and short, the covers remained closed. The windows featured a small portion which could be lowered and raised independently from the larger fixed section. The large side view mirrors obstructed aerodynamics. The interior featured a transmission tunnel separating the four seats. The tunnel was fitted with a computer, video game console, television, and stereo system for use with all passengers. The transmission was engaged via tactile identification buttons. Controls and buttons were placed on either pods on both sides of the steering wheel, or on a flat panel also housing the compact disc player. More unique was the partially-glass roof, with clear visibility over the front passengers. The Eole was also equipped with Citroen’s hydropneumatic suspension which automatically adjusted to load levels. Based on the Citroen XM. the Eole ran entirely on computers.; Concept Car Central

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