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Chevrolet Astro III Concept (1969)

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Chevrolet_Astro_III_Experimental_Car_02 Chevrolet_Astro_III_Experimental_Car_03 Chevrolet_Astro_III_Experimental_Car_04 Chevrolet_Astro_III_Experimental_Car_05 Chevrolet_Astro_III_Experimental_Car_06 Chevrolet_Astro_III_Experimental_Car_07 Chevrolet_Astro_III_Experimental_Car_08 Chevrolet_Astro_III_Experimental_Car_09 Chevrolet_Astro_III_Experimental_Car_10 Chevrolet_Astro-III_01 Chevrolet_Astro-III_02

Astro III was the third in a series of Astro concepts, with Astro I bowing in 1967, and the XP-800 Astro II released the following year. Astro III had an Allison turbine engine in the rear, rear wheels mounted in twin pods and a pair of wheels close together up front. A canopy rose to enter/exit two-passenger cockpit.

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