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Buick Cielo (1999)

Category : Buick, Concept Cars 1930-2004 · by Sep 30th, 2013

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This is an elegant, stylish four-door convertible. Its name, pronounced see-A-low, stands for “sky” in Spanish. It was positioned as a mid-size family car and “no compromise convertible.” Two front-to-rear roof rails provide body strength and permit using three opaque panels that slide into the trunk when the driver wants the top down. A voice-activated system opens and closes doors and operates the convertible top as well as entertainment and climate controls. The engine is a 240-hp supercharged 3800 Series II V-6 with electronically controlled four-speed automatic transmission, the transmission operated by a push-button control. It was originally painted a pearlescent gold/bronze but was repainted for 2002 in a silvery gold color called Goldleaf Chromaflair. Styling draws from Buick’s design heritage with strong vertical grille reminiscent of Y-Job, fully functional portholes recalling this famous Buick feature that first arrived on ’49 models, and the “sweepspear” side look of the late ’40s and ’50s.

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