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Bugatti ID 90 (1990)

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The first Bugatti by Giugiaro was a classic of car design: a two-seater, mid-engined coupe based on technical drawings of Bugatti mechanics.
The 63rd Turin Motor Show saw the debut of the Bugatti ID 90, based on technical drawings published from March 1989. These were respected above all in their compact dimensions: 4100 mm in length, 1840 mm in width.
The ID 90 featured a very elongated glass dome contained within a single rounded curve to achieve the correct aesthetic balance between a sports car and deluxe saloon. As with the Lotus Etna of 1984, the rear part of the dome is empty to leave room for air intakes used to cool the engine.
The design of the alloy rims is a homage to the past: the legendary Bugatti Royale of 1926.

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