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BMW Z9 Convertible (2000)

Category : BMW, Concept Cars 1930-2004 · by Oct 4th, 2013

At the North American International Auto Show held earlier this year, BMW debuted one of their newest concepts. Based from the design of last year’s Z9 Grand Turismo, BMW introduced the Z9 Convertible. Its exterior and interior features take a look into the future of BMW design philosophy.

The profile of this open-air 2+2 poses class and simplicity with its long engine compartment and short deck proportions. From front to rear its discrete lines and surfaces create a feeling of excitement while giving this unique convertible the beauty and sophistication known in BMW design. The body is constructed of laminated carbon fiber that provides an increase in strength without adding weight. The exterior design is accented by larger 20 inch front and 21 inch rear wheels and tires. The Z9 Convertible is powered by a 4.4 liter V8 engine developing a maximum output of 286 bhp and a maximum torque of 325 lb-ft.


bmw_z9_cabrio_concept_1 bmw_z9_cabrio_concept_3 bmw_z9_cabrio_concept_4 bmw_z9_cabrio_concept_6 bmw_z9_cabrio_concept_7

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